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Workflow of an automated packaging line

2022-04-20 18:57:16 MetInfo

With the continuous progress and development of society, we have eliminated the heavy packaging process in the past. The development of the industry is always in the direction of efficient automation, and the automatic packaging production line is the representative equipment of efficient automation.

Automated Packaging Line Workflow

The automated packaging production line has four major operating components, each of which is indispensable and complements each other. Four major components are responsible for and assist the packaging process.

1. Transmission system

In the production of automated packaging production lines, the transmission system plays a very important role. It is equivalent to the middleman of each component. Without the transmission system to play a role in the middle, other components cannot cooperate at all. The transmission system is composed of gears, sprockets, belts, screws and other parts, and is mainly responsible for the transportation and cooperation between various components in the production process.

2. Control system

The control system is the most important system in the automated packaging production line, without the control system the production line will not work. In the automatic packaging production line, whether it is the power output, the operation of the transmission mechanism, the action of the work execution mechanism, etc., the control system is responsible for it. Without the control system, the entire production line becomes scrap iron and cannot be operated.

3. Packaging work executive body

As the core part of the packaging work actuator of an automated packaging production line, the packaging work actuator is often equipped with tight moving mechanical parts or robotic arms. The packaging work actuator is mechanical, and the comprehensive application of electrical law cooperates with each other.