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Automatic control of food packaging equipment

2022-04-20 19:05:51 MetInfo

Abstract: The largest application field of packaging machinery is the food industry. At present, the food industry accounts for about 28% of the packaging machinery market in my country. By 2020, the Asian food retail market will account for 41% of the world market, and China will become the second largest in the world. food market. Facing the huge industrial domestic demand market, how to improve the productivity and market competitiveness of equipment through the application of automation control products is one of the issues we must consider.

Key words: automatic control products; food packaging machinery


Under the situation of global economic integration, food packaging machinery is facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges from all over the world. Mechanical automation technology can improve the competitiveness of food packaging machinery, which is not only conducive to the development of my country's food packaging industry, but also an important way for the future development of my country's food packaging machinery.

1 Characteristic analysis of food packaging machinery

At present, my country's population is increasing year by year, and people's demand for food is increasing. In order to cope with the development trend of the market, my country is constantly innovating and developing food packaging machinery technology. At present, there are many types of food packaging machinery in my country, and they are increasing with the development of the market. Therefore, while my country's food production is accelerating the pace of development, food packaging materials are gradually enriched, and it is developing towards the trend of improving the level of science and technology. Specifically, due to the different technologies of food packaging machinery, its internal structure is relatively complex. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a high-precision and high-efficiency operation process in mechanical operation.

2 Effective ways of automatic control of food packaging machinery

2.1 Automatic control method of food packaging machinery

The realization of automatic control of my country's food packaging machinery can accelerate the development of food packaging enterprises on a certain basis, and improve the overall competitiveness of my country's food packaging industry, which will promote the development of my country's food packaging machinery industry. From the basic production to packaging, the process needs to apply the following three automation controls.

(1) Open-loop control of food packaging machinery

Since food packaging is different, open-loop control of food packaging machinery is suitable for food that does not require high quality and has low requirements for food packaging. This type of automated control is relatively low-cost and has high reliability, so it can meet the packaging requirements of basic food.

(2) Closed-loop control of food packaging

Closed-loop control is mainly used in sensor devices in food packaging machinery. The use of sensors to conduct real-time detection of the work flow and on-site conditions of food packaging machinery and equipment can ensure the stable operation of food packaging machinery. This automatic control is suitable for packaging with very strict requirements on food packaging and high quality requirements. Therefore, this control can be applied to more stringent food packaging.

(3) Semi-closed loop control of food packaging

The operation mode of semi-closed-loop control of food packaging is mainly to detect a certain sensor of packaging machinery and equipment, and to monitor the working status of the sensor in real time. It is generally applicable to food packaging with high requirements for food and high packaging quality.

2.2 Food Packaging Machinery Automation Controller

(1) The food packaging machinery needs to choose a simple electrical circuit device, so that the food packaging machinery can be easily operated during the operation process, and the mechanical packaging technology can be controlled by pressing the button, and the operation is simpler.

(2) In the selection of the controller of the food packaging machinery, it is recommended to choose the programmable controller, because the programmable controller has a powerful logic function, which can control the principle of the food packaging machinery and the flexibility of the food packaging machinery. It can improve the performance of food packaging machinery, and can effectively improve the operation efficiency of food packaging machinery automation, making it more convenient for manual operation.

(3) On the food packaging machinery controller, computer technology can be used to control the headquarters, and computer technology programs can be used to control the automation equipment of food packaging machinery to form intelligent control.

2.3 Driving technology of food packaging machinery

The operation process of food packaging machinery automation control technology is very complex, and it is necessary to maintain a standard and consistent operation mode in the application of each equipment. According to the traditional food packaging machinery technology in my country, the traditional packaging machinery technology mainly uses one host.

In addition, other complex construction processes are required to complete each packaging process. Such a workflow is extremely prone to failure, and the complex procedures of traditional equipment make equipment maintenance more difficult. Therefore, under the background of continuous innovation of contemporary technology, it is more suitable to choose the driving technology, so as to apply the packaging machinery technology to the packaging machinery, so that the food packaging equipment can be operated more simply.

2.4 Application of automatic control sensor for food packaging machinery

An important prerequisite for the automation of food packaging machinery is that the food packaging machinery needs to be installed with corresponding sensor devices. For example, in beverage and food, the cleaning and packaging procedures of beverage and food all need to use sensor devices. For food packaging machinery and equipment, pressure sensors and photoelectric sensors are widely used in the selection of sensor types.

3 The development trend of the application of automation control products in the food packaging machinery industry

3.1 The detection system of the machine is perfect, making the machine more intelligent

With the improvement of detection technology and the increase of detection methods, machines and equipment are equipped with more detection mechanisms, which can not only display the faults and fault locations of the current machine, but also predict possible faults and evaluate the life of each vulnerable component. , notify the operator in advance for inspection and replacement to avoid failure.

3.2 Network technology, especially Ethernet technology, enhances the real-time performance and compatibility of the system

The rapid development of industrial Ethernet technology provides better real-time and compatibility for control systems, making our industrial products closer to IT. Fieldbus technology can make the central PLC of the control system have better perception and control of the machine. Industrial Ethernet technology can not only replace the field bus technology to a certain extent, but also enable the production center to understand the PLC in a faster and more detailed manner, and understand the working status of the machine more comprehensively and quickly.

3.3 Intelligent development direction

In order to further improve the automation technology of food packaging machinery and improve the efficiency of food packaging, food packaging enterprises can introduce monitoring systems and install corresponding monitoring systems in each packaging machinery and equipment link, so that the failure problems of machinery and equipment in the daily operation process can be effectively collected. , so as to take preventive measures against failure factors and avoid delays in the progress of food packaging due to failure factors.

3.4 Remote monitoring and diagnosis system to quickly help customers identify and solve faults

It is easy to realize remote monitoring and diagnosis on machines with both network technology and detection technology; with the help of existing commercial networks, it is easy to realize remote monitoring, diagnosis and modification of production lines. This way, manufacturers can help customers resolve failures quickly, reducing downtime and saving a lot of time, resources and money. For group customers, the headquarters can understand the production line operation of each production enterprise in real time, plan production deployment, quickly formulate and implement new production plans, and improve the competitiveness of its products in the market.

concluding remarks

To sum up, the development of my country's food packaging machinery technology mainly originated from foreign industrial technology fields. Therefore, in terms of application, my country is still in the basic stage, and its technology is not yet mature. In order to realize automatic control of food packaging machinery, food packaging enterprises need to actively introduce new technologies and equipment, abandon the traditional stand-alone packaging mode, and introduce corresponding automatic monitoring technology and control technology in all aspects of food packaging machinery to improve food packaging. work efficiency and work quality, thereby promoting the overall development of my country's food packaging industry.

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