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Popular trend of drug packaging and equipment research and development

2022-04-20 18:36:47 MetInfo

Since medicines are closely related to people's life and health, how to make the packaging of the terminal process more rigorous, beautiful, and high-grade, and can protect intellectual property rights, has become the top priority of manufacturers. Especially after the new millennium, along with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to the renewal of materials, the packaging has first changed from single box wrapping to collective bundling, from heat shrinking to three-dimensional packaging with transparent film; then to paper output → folding → bag sealing → wrapping Packaging and other assembly line operations - all strive to strengthen the three major functions of dustproof, moisture-proof and anti-counterfeiting of drug outsourcing through a series of improvements to packaging equipment, establish a high-quality image of the product, and facilitate market promotion and consumer convenience.
It can be said that packaging is the only way for drugs to enter the market.

Trends in packaging materials and forms

  As we all know, due to the extensive growth of high speed, low efficiency and high consumption in China, the quality of packaging materials and packaging methods have a low contribution rate to the pharmaceutical industry. According to relevant literature, nearly 30% of packaging enterprises have not reached the level of developed countries in the 1980s. Product packaging accounts for only 10% of product value, compared with 30% in developed countries.
Analysis of the reasons lies in the packaging materials and packaging forms.

  In my country, before the 1990s, most of the medicines used carton boxes, and after folding, they were sold "semi-naked" after the 1990s, some large enterprises began to use "cellophane" to wrap the carton in the form of heat shrinking in order to keep it clean and moisture-proof. However, around 2000, cellophane was gradually eliminated from the market due to the low yield, many wrinkles and inconvenient unpacking due to thermal shrinkage packaging. At the same time, "transparent film three-dimensional packaging" and "instant heat sealing" became popular and became the "sweet pastry" in producers and the market.
  This is because -
  one, the packaging material was upgraded to BOPP transparent film, which is The world's recognized environmentally friendly material. Because of its strong luminosity, thin thickness, and easy identification of advertising content, it is generally favored by the consumer market.

  Second, the packaging method, because the transparent film also has an anti-counterfeiting easy-pull thread, which can prevent counterfeiting, so drug manufacturers have begun to imitate the use of cigarette packers to protect intellectual property rights with "instant heat sealing" and easy-pull thread labels. At present, the products packaged in this way have become market labels or image endorsements for drug outsourcing.

  In terms of packaging materials, taking transparent film three-dimensional packaging as an example -
  BOPP and PVC transparent films are actually "polypropylene" on the market. They have high tensile strength, high gas barrier properties, strong tear resistance, and good printing performance. Good packaging quality, effect and value for money. Compared with the heat shrinkage of "cellophane", the three-dimensional "instantaneous heat sealing" of the transparent film has a great market advantage. The specific manifestations are:
  1. Flat, smooth and transparent, which greatly improves the product grade due to its beautiful appearance; 2.
  100% It can effectively solve the three major issues of anti-bacteria, dust-proof and moisture-proof that are necessary for the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Convenient anti-counterfeiting: The use of anti-counterfeiting easy-pull wire can not only protect the interests of manufacturers, but also facilitate the unpacking of consumers;
  4. Power saving and high efficiency: Take the 1999 type packaging machine as an example, the speed can reach 100 boxes/min, while the heat The shrinking machine is 30 boxes/min, which can greatly reduce the labor cost.

Manufacturing and Sourcing Trends of Packaging Equipment

1. Pay attention to market distribution, and collective packaging is the purchasing trend.
  When the three-dimensional packaging of transparent film solved the problems of speed, hygiene, and anti-counterfeiting of single-box packaging, market distribution pushed the middle-box packaging (also known as set-box packaging) to the front of drug manufacturers.
Traditionally, manufacturers have mostly used carton (medium box) packaging for market distribution to drug distribution stores. However, the degree of automation is low and the material cost is too high. After the new century, pharmaceutical manufacturers increasingly agree with the packaging of three-dimensional bundling and collection of transparent films. It has changed the accumulated disadvantages and saved 90% of the cost of the carton, which is more conducive to market transportation and distribution, as well as publicity and promotion.
There is an old customer who has such an account: using cardboard packaging, the cost is more than 1 yuan; and using transparent film collective packaging only costs about 0.09 yuan, based on 30 boxes per minute, one day can save 30,000-40,000 yuan in cost .
It can be said that the set box packaging is an excellent substitute for the domestic cardboard type medium box packaging. The purchased equipment is more flexible, multi-purpose and high-efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.

Second, pay attention to intensive production, assembly line packaging is the production trend.
  At present, transparent film three-dimensional packaging machines are mostly used for back-end packaging of medicines. There are two types: mechanical and pneumatic. It uses a conveyor belt to supply packaging items, and completes a series of operations such as paper output, folding, and bag sealing at one time. Its packaging can be flat or vertical. The folded part is bonded by heat sealing to achieve the effect of tightness, decoration, beauty and moisture resistance. The film is bonded with an unsealing narrow tape and then packaged, which is convenient for unsealing the finished product; and an anti-counterfeiting easy-pull thread is pasted to prevent counterfeiting.
However, how to solve the production process and improve production efficiency?

  In order to solve this problem, as early as 6 years ago, we carried out all-round and personalized design and service according to the different production conditions and production capacity of different customers, and launched the "Automatic Cartoning Machine and 2005W Type Transparent Film Packaging" machine-to-wire unit". Not only the appearance is beautiful, but also the production efficiency and energy-saving management are realized, and the specification is convenient to change.

3. Pay attention to high-tech added value, and complete supporting facilities are the manufacturing trend.
  Only attaching importance to the production of the main engine, without considering the completeness of the supporting equipment, will make the packaging machinery unable to play its due functions. Therefore, drug manufacturers attach great importance to the complete integrity of the production line, whether it is a high-tech added value or a relatively simple equipment category, they are provided according to the matching requirements. Therefore, the author believes that only by grasping the needs of customers can we keep pace with the times, truly grasp the trend of the packaging industry and seize the opportunities in the development process, in order to add icing on the cake for the promotion of drugs, and for the pharmaceutical machine industry to become bigger and stronger. make new contributions.

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