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The replacement of the packaging machinery industry is inevitable - the connection equipment is mature

2022-04-20 18:53:35 MetInfo

        The appearance of foreign companies' monopoly still exists, and for cities that require less packaging machinery, although the packaging machinery industry has shown many new stars, it is still a large-scale packaging machine and a complete set of assembly lines. Packaging machines should integrate small pieces in o Dacheng, and the promotion of each type of machinery should pay attention to advancing steadily in innovation. The seeds of mechanical innovation have been sown in most regions of China, and the new year is coming, and this is also a brand new starting point.

        The comprehensive upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment carried out with the continuous transformation of packaging skills is the general trend of packaging machinery development in China and even internationally. Daily life, industry, medicine, etc. are inseparable from packaging machinery and equipment. We know that packaging machinery follows the emergence of new packaging materials. Accelerate and further improve the automation level of packaging machinery equipment and production lines such as reliability, safety, and unmanned operation. Intelligence will enter the entire range of packaging machinery and production lines.

        With many years of mechanical design and manufacturing experience, Shanghai Luzhou is winning market recognition with a rigorous professional attitude. It has mastered the unique professional ability from single machine to complete equipment production, installation and debugging, and has the ability to undertake various mold design and processing. , replacement of supporting services, and strive to build an excellent brand enterprise.

        In line with the service concept of "different enterprises, exclusive services, and exclusive support", our company provides lifetime maintenance for all products sold. At the same time, according to different production conditions and different production capacities of different customers, we provide scientific, economical and convenient project budget plans free of charge. With strong technical support, think what you think, and lead customers to success. Our company strongly relies on the service-oriented business strategy and scientific and efficient management concept, and has always been committed to "promoting the national spirit and building a national brand". At the beginning of the new century, it revolutionized the launch of transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine (with anti-counterfeiting easy-pull line), pillow packaging machine, food and beverage filling and sealing machine, cartoning machine, labeling machine, weighing and sorting instrument, opener. The box-sealing machine is a series of new products such as degradable one-step forming line equipment, and the products are widely recognized by domestic and foreign users.

        Our company actively uses information technology to improve management efficiency. After several integrations, the internal management mechanism has become increasingly sound, and capital operation has achieved initial results. Today, "innovative awareness creates high-quality products, high-quality service builds reputation, and teamwork creates great achievements", the unique corporate culture also shows the unique century style of Shanghai Luzhou!

        At present, our company can independently generate a whole unattended production line. The packaging sequence is as follows: pillow packaging machine - cartoning machine - selection of another name - labeling machine - single box transparent film packaging machine - collective transparent film packaging machine - packing machine - weighing machine - case sealing machine - strapping machine - palletizing machine.

The technology is mature and the operation is stable. Welcome to visit!