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Reference steps for the usage of automatic packaging machine

2022-04-20 18:52:37 MetInfo

With the development of science and technology, my country's industry has also introduced automation equipment, which replaces part of human work and frees people from traditional labor. Automatic packaging machines are a good example.

Usage of automatic packaging machine:

1. Ensure that the power supply is connected when the automatic packaging machine is in use. The power switch has two directions, one is vacuum sealing and the other is inflatable sealing.

2. Put the plastic bag with the items in the vacuum chamber, and place the bag mouth neatly on the heat seal.

3. Cover the lid, and the machine will start pumping when the indicator light is on. You can adjust the vacuum degree according to the requirements of the packaging bag, and the adjustment range should be small.

4. When the pumping is completed, the indicator light will go out, and then the inflation indicator light will light up to indicate the beginning of inflation. If you do not need to inflate, turn the power switch to the vacuum position, and the inflation indicator light will go out.

5. After the pumping or inflating is completed, the heat sealing indicator light is on, and the sealing process is entered. You can adjust the temperature and time according to the different thickness of the material. Pay attention to the rotation of the button to a small extent to avoid burning out the heat sealing accessories.

6. When the heat sealing time is up, the indicator light will automatically turn off, indicating that one packaging is completed and is ready for the next packaging cycle.

The automatic packaging machine reduces the workload of workers, and a production line can be completed with only one machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it also reduces labor costs for enterprises and factories, which is very friendly to some small-scale factories. The use of automatic packaging machines in some food processing plants can reduce the number of human contacts and have a good control over food hygiene.